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Welcome to Rentals 88......

Short Term vacation rentals in beautiful Central Florida and Nicaragua, Central America.


  Whether you are taking a vacation with a big group or a small group, Rentals88 has the vacation rental you are looking for!


   Disney Villas.....where the sun never sets! We offer two tastefully decorated villas that are within 15 miles of Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Why stay in a hotel when you can spend your vacation in a beautiful private home with screened swimming pool and hot tub?


   **Oak Island Cove in Kissimmee, Florida

   **Pinewood Country Estate in Davenport, Florida


   Nicaragua—Land of Lakes and Volcanoes! Rentals 88 also offers two vacation villas in Nicaragua, Central America.


   **Casa Kitwan de Apoyo: a vacation villa with spectacular lake views of a crater lake.




Long Term Rentals in Flushing, NY.


   Rentals88 is a property management company that is set up for the uniqueness of Flushing, New York environment.  The founder is a property owner as well as a Certified Public Account.  She applies budget analysis and financial adminstration to her 6 Flushing properties under management.   


   Property Management encompasses all aspects of running an income property, from finding and screening tenants to maintaining the property, collecting rent, taking care of garbage, and handling any issues that arise.  Professional property management can make owing rental properties a hassle-free experience.

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